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Dog Maintenance Cost in the Philippines

How Much Does Owning a Dog Cost?

You really have to think hard and assess your situation before adopting or purchasing a fur baby. A dog in household is definitely a blessing, but the cost associated with owning one can also be burdensome. We don't want you to be blindsided by the cost of maintaining a dog. We just want the best for you and your fur baby so choose wisely.

When it comes to adopting or purchasing a dog, their size and breed matters. For example, an Alaskan Malamute will cost more to maintain in comparison to a Chihuahua or a small Aspin. All breeds have different needs from how often they need grooming, air conditioning, food sensitivity, health issues, and many more. It might be tempting to buy a Siberian Husky or a Chow Chow, especially when you can find them at a reasonable price, but always consider the reality of owning high maintenance breeds and if you can financial support them.

Dog Maintenance Cost in the Philippines

We went ahead and researched all the associated costs of owning a dog from their food, treats, grooming, and health needs. We looked at the upper and lower limit in terms of cost. Note that cost may vary depending on your breed size, health requirements, and your geographic location. 

Dog Check-ups Cost:

Range: PHP 250 – PHP 1,000 +

As a new or veteran fur parent, check-ups are essential for your dog's wellbeing and should never be skipped. You should also take your new puppy over to the vet. Although some may provide you with vaccination records and other documentation about your new dog's health, always take it with a grain of salt. It's best practice to have them checked yourself. 

Your veterinarian might recommend additional tests for Parvo, Distemper, and worms. Vets often check feces, urine, and bloodwork too. These are typically not covered by the check-up fee so best would be to consult your veterinarian for pricing. Remember, don't skip out on these recommendations. It's part of responsible dog ownership. 

Here's something we found on the PAWS

The Basics

Consultation Php 250.00
 Urinalysis Php 100.00
Skin Scraping Php 100.00
Direct Fecal Smear Php 100.00
Deworming Php 100.00 per 10kg Body Weight


Blood Testing

CBC Php 150.00
BUN (Kidney) Php 150.00
 Creatinine (Kidney)
Php 150.00
SGPT (Liver)
Php 150.00
Parvo Test Php 800.00
Distemper Test Php 750.00
Heartworm Test Php 700.00


Dog Vaccinations Cost:

Range: PHP 250 – PHP 500+ per vaccine

Save up for it before you save up for a dog. Vaccination is very important and you should never skip it.  After your dog gets his or first check-up, schedule their vaccination.The 5-in-1 vaccine shown in the PAWS list protects against Canine ParvovirusCanine Distemper, and Parainfluenza. The Rabies vaccine starts at around Php 250.00, but often times, barangays might have a vaccination drive. Follow up with your local barangay officials and ask them about the Rabies vaccine. 


Rabies Php 250.00
5-in-1 (Dogs/Puppies) Php 400.00

Dog Food Cost

Range: PHP 1,000 (2kg+ sack) – PHP 4,500 (11.4kg+ sack)

Remember earlier when we mentioned that size matters when it comes to dogs? The bigger they are, the more they need to eat so you'll definitely be spending more than their smaller counterparts. If you have a small dog, a sack might last them a while. It's really important to stick with high-quality dog food or abide to a strict raw dog diet. We can't recommend low quality dog food or human food unless it's your only choice. Both human and low quality dog food might work but could potentially lead to health issues, which can get really expensive. 

Grooming Routine

Range: PHP 500 – PHP 1,000 per 

Some breeds require a lot of maintenance especially when it comes to grooming. Dogs that shed a lot or have thick coats will require frequent trips to the groomer. Even if you have the time and skill to do it without a groomer, you'll still spend money on supplies. The more fur, the more expensive. 

Our Thoughts On Dog Ownership

Whether you're in the Philippines or elsewhere in the world, dog ownership can be very costly. You should own a dog because you want to devote your life to them as they become part of our families. Dogs are an amazing addition to the family, but you also need to be realistic as to what kind of life you can give your dog. Remember to choose the breed right for you and not because you think it'll be a great status symbol to have. 

Hidden Cost of Dog Ownership

Dogs get sick and emergencies do happen. Unfortunately, this easily gets overlooked by dog owners. We've seen online postings of people asking for DIY medical treatment against diseases such as Parvo or Distemper, which usually results in catastrophic outcomes. Don't cheap on getting your dog treated by avoiding veterinarian costs. We strongly recommend setting aside a part of your income monthly for emergency medical expenses, which can also be used on hoomans too. 

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