The Best Heavy Duty Dog Collar Guide For 2022 - Philippines

The Best Heavy Duty Dog Collar Guide For 2022 - Philippines

Why Our K9 Collar?

When comparing our K9 Collar to your typical hardware store-bought collar, it’s easy to see which is the more heavy-duty option between the two. Our K9 Collars are adjustable to fit your medium-sized or bigger furry friend making it an appropriate option for you to choose from.

It’s best to take a closer look into our K9 Collar and see why it’s considered heavy-duty.

Fabric Matters

When holding our K9 Collar, you’ll notice that the fabric used is different compared to your average dog collar. The fabric used to make the K9 Collar is a blend of ballistic style nylon giving it durability and functionality. It also features a patch strip where you can place patches on the collar and even features a guide handle for you to hold your dog. The K9 Collar also has padding around the collar making it a comfortable option for your precious pet to use, especially for those dogs who like to pull.

Metal Parts

Most of the collars on the market feature plastic buckles and some even use plastic rings. Keeping our furry friends secure is important so using a metal buckle instead of plastic was a no-brainer. Besides the metal buckle, it also features a hook and loop fabric as additional security for the collar. Lastly, the attachment point ring is made from metal as well allowing maximum security for your furry friend.

Durable and Long Lasting

We believe in durability and products that last. As dog owners ourselves, we got tired of constantly replacing cheaply made goods and that lead us to this K9 Collar. After talking to several manufacturers, we finally found one that believes in workmanship and quality control. The K9 Collar is made from a combination of durability-focused materials, and we stand by its durability. Our Doberman still uses her K9 Collar in Camo and it’s still in excellent condition despite owning it for a couple of years.

The Purpose of a Collar

Collars are essential to dog ownership as it serves several purposes.

Here are some of the main uses for collars:


You might say your dog is a professional escape artist like Harry Houdini, but it’s only because you don’t have the right collar or size. A properly fitted collar should be difficult for a dog to escape from. The comfier the collar, the less likely your dog would mind having it on. A proper dog collar should keep you and your four-legged friend safe. Having a collar that stands out also makes it easier for others to identify your dog. 


Collars help you control your furry friend. Some dogs may pull and having the right collar ensures you keep their necks safe while you go on walks. Some collars, like the K9 Collar, come with a guide handle making it easier for you to steer your dog if you want to hold him or her close to you.


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