The Best Heavy Duty Dog Harness Guide For 2022 - Philippines

The Best Heavy Duty Dog Harness Guide For 2022 - Philippines

Why Our K9 Military Dog Harness?

When comparing our K9 Military Dog Harness to your typical harness, it’s easy to see which is the more heavy-duty option between the two. Our K9 Military Harness is adjustable to fit your Corgi or bigger furry friend, such as a Great Dane, making it an appropriate option for you to choose from.

It’s best to take a closer look into our K9 Military Harness and see why it’s considered a Pawsh favorite when it comes to heavy-duty dog harnesses.

Fabric Matters

When holding our K9 Military Harness, you’ll notice that the fabric used is different compared to the standard dog harness and uses a combination of ballistic nylon, hook and loop, and a breathable inner lining. The ballistic style nylon gives it durability while the MOLLE webbing allows you to add pouches to carry small items. It also features a patch strip where you can place patches on the front side of the harness and also on the back. K9 Military Harness is a great no-pull harness that also features a handle for you to guide your dog.

Metal Parts

Most of the dog harnesses on the market feature plastic buckles and some even use plastic rings. Keeping our furry friends secure is important so using a metal buckle instead of plastic was a no-brainer for us. Besides the two metal buckles that secure the harness, it also features a front metal attachment point along with the main metal V-ring. This K9 harness was made for working dogs in mind.

Durable and Long Lasting

We believe in durability and products that last. As dog owners ourselves, we got tired of constantly replacing cheaply made goods that rip or break apart after use. After talking to several manufacturers, we finally found one that matches our high standards. The K9 Military Harness is made from a combination of durability-focused materials with hard-working dogs in mind.

The Purpose of a Harness

Harnesses are essential to dog ownership as it serves several purposes.

Here are some of the main uses for harnesses:


You might say your dog is a professional escape artist like Harry Houdini, but it’s only because you don’t have the right harness or size. A properly fitted harness should be difficult for a dog to escape from and the more buckles, the better. The comfier the harness, the less likely your dog would mind having it on. A proper dog harness should keep you and your four-legged friend secure. We do recommend only using a dog harness when going out for a walk, training, or for work.


Harnesses help you control your furry friend. Some dogs may pull and having the right harness ensures you keep their necks safe while you go on walks. Harnesses work better for those overly aggressive pullers as it removes tension away from their necks. Some harnesses, like the K9 Military Harness, come with a guide handle making it easier for you to steer your dog if you want to hold him or her close to you.


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