Why We Love Aspins And Why You Should Too!

Why We Love Aspins And Why You Should Too!




Aspin (Asong Pinoy) or Irong Bisaya is the term used to describe native dogs found all over the Philippines. Although Aspins were originally called Askals or Asong Kalye, we suggest taking pride in our native breed by giving them the love and appreciation they deserve. It is important to remove the stigma that Aspins are not up to par with purebred dogs. Aspins are highly intelligent and loyal dogs. 

It is unclear about what the Aspin's lineage is and what breeds contributed to their looks today. Aspins are independent and love to roam, which increases their chance of adding diversity within their population. Aspins come in all shapes and sizes - some may look like Dobermans while others look like BasenjisAspins are diverse but have their own physical characteristics.

Aspins make great household pets as they are generally healthy, intelligent, patient, independent, and most importantly, loving dogs. Be proud of your Aspin


Height Dogs 25 ¼ – 27 ½ in (64 – 70 cm)
Bitches 22 ¾ – 25 ¼ in (58 – 64 cm)
Weight Dogs 18–29 kilograms (40–64 lb)
Bitches 16–20 kilograms (35–44 lb)
Coat Simple Coat
Color Black, Brown, White (commonly), Red (rare), Brindle, Gray, Cream, and Spotted
Litter size 3–5 puppies (avg. 7-8)
Life span 15–20 years

Physical Characteristics 

Aspins can either have two types of coats - short haired or rough. Their coat colors can range from White, Brown, Black, Brindle, Gray, and Cream. We're sure you've had a dog named Whitey, Brownie, Blackie, and etc. at one point in your life. We used to have a dog named Whitey. The Aspin's ears can either be pointing up, partially floppy, and floppy. Some might look like Beagles while others have ears like Shiba Inus. In terms of physical build, Aspins tend to be medium range, unless they are crossbred with bigger dogs like Rottweilers or German Shepherds. 

The Purest Native Breed in the Philippines

The Aso ng Gubat is one of the oldest native dogs in the Philippines. 

"In the ancestral lands of Bukidnon in Mindanao, there is a type of wild dog that does not breed with other dogs. It has sharp claws, climbs trees, hunts cobras, and could be 36,000 years old. It is called tiger dog and aso ng gubat by locals. It is also called bird catcher in Luzon and witch dog in the Visayas. The aso ng gubat in Bukidnon has a dark-brown coat with black stripes. 

According to Philippine indigenous dog researcher Tom Asmus, the dog can survive independently in the jungle, and is difficult to raise at home."



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