Certified Pawsh Products

Our Products

We take pride in our products. Every single item we ship out gets thoroughly inspected prior to shipping out. Please make sure you only buy directly from Pawsh. We do not have any authorized resellers to ensure the quality and safety of our products.

Product Authentication

Starting January 1, 2021, all Pawsh Products will now come with an orange hang tag with our logo and QR code in the back. Only Pawsh Pup Certified products come with our special tags. Simply scan the QR code found in the back of your hang tag with a QR app or hover your phone camera over the QR code. Once you scan it, your browser should re-direct you to our home page. If successful, you're the owner of an official Pawsh Product. If scanning doesn't work, you can message us anytime for customer support.

Do we sell on Shopee and Lazada?

We often get asked why our prices are "overpriced" or why we don't price match Shopee and Lazada. We do not sell overruns or low quality goods. All our products are made for us and are not the same products you see on Shopee and Lazada. Our products undergo multiple quality control processes to ensure the Pawsh standard is met. Again, Pawsh products are specifically made under our guidance and standards. Do you see authentic Gucci or Rolex sell on these platforms? No and if they do, it's fake. We do not want our products to be associated with Shopee and Lazada quality. We are Pawsh.

Bought our product from a reseller?

Unfortunately, your product is not an Authentic Pawsh product. We do not allow resellers for our products.

Why shop with Pawsh?

We care about you, your dog's safety, and our reputation. Shopping with us assures you have access to our customer service team. We only want the best for your furry best friend.